Private Lessons

If looking to enhance your riding skills, or just prepare yourself for your upcoming course, why not book in for a private tuition and one of our experienced trainers will work with you one on one, to build up those areas you want to improve and take your riding to another level. Private lessons are conducted with one of our experienced trainers who will help you work on an area that is most difficult for you or simply to brush up on all the skills we aim on teaching. 

Private Lessons go ahead regardless of the weather.


What You’ll Receive

One-on-one training with experienced trainer

Use of a helmet, gloves, protective jacket, hi-vis vest (if required)


A current Victorian Car Licence or Learners Permit

You MUST wear appropriate clothing including a long sleeve top, long pants, and fully enclosed shoes (either boots or runners) in order to have full skin cover. If you have your own motorcycle protective gear, you are encouraged to bring it with you to wear.

Wet weather gear should be brought if the days forecast indicates rain.

Your own registered LAMS approved motorcycle will help you feel more comfortable riding. If you don’t own a motorcycle, you can hire one for the assessment – please advise at time of booking.


Other Info

Upon developing skill level, student will: 

Possess critical skills in counter steering, emergency braking, cornering & throttle control

Be able to apply relevant theory to on-road riding

Possess advanced observation skills

Possess advanced hazard identification & avoidance skills

Be able to introduce risk minimisation principles when riding.



Private Lesson:        $150

Motorcycle Hire:        $20/day