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About Us

Quality Motorcycle Training is looking to establish itself as a leading provider of quality motorcycle training that is committed to teaching good riding skills and promoting good riding habits. The new M-GLS provides a framework to achieve these goals and with over 43 years of combined training experience, the team at QMT believe they can continue the good work started by Deca Training to provide new and old riders alike a professional service.

Utilisation of the Newborough training facility will continue a link with the area that is known for quality training and a  high level of commitment to the riding community.

Our Services

Learner Course

To obtain a motorcycle (including scooters) learner permit in Victoria you’ll need to successfully complete a two-day course, which is designed to prepare riders for riding on the road. Your two-day learner course will include:
  • an eyesight test
  • a knowledge test 
  • an on-road assessment of your riding skill


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Check Ride

The Check Ride is a half day coaching course that includes:
  • an off-road review of your braking, steering and low speed manoeuvring skills
  • an on-road coaching ride on a pre-determined route


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Licence Course

To obtain your motorcycle licence you’ll need to:
  • hold an Australian motorcycle learner permit for at least three months
  • have completed a Check Ride at least 1 month prior
  • undergo an on-road licence assessment


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