What do the courses cover?

Four main subject areas are covered during your training:

  1. Preparing a motorcycle for operation covering pre-ride checks and routine maintenance issues.
  2. Maneuvering a motorcycle at low speeds including straight line stability and cornering, mount, dismount, and safe slow riding techniques.
  3. Higher speed cornering and braking to a stop quickly and safely. Stopping to a pre-defined point is also covered. 
  4. Applying roadcraft that is developing mental skills and strategies to ride defensively, recognise hazards and reduce the risks that motorcyclists face every day on the road.

Both learner permit and licence courses finish with an on-road assessment.

How do I get my Victorian motorcycle learner permit?

You must be at least 18 years of age, and your car license/learner permit must not be disqualified, cancelled, suspended, or refused anywhere in Australia. The learner permit must be held for at least three months before booking your license course.

You must successfully complete –

  1. An eyesight test
  2. A motorcycle knowledge test (KT1) based on information contained in the Victorian Rider handbook.
  3. A riding skills assessment (MPA)

A downloadable copy of the Victorian Rider Handbook can be found here: Victorian Rider Handbook

You must produce your car learner permit or licence on the day of your course to provide proof of identity.

Follow this link to the Vic Roads website for more information regarding this subject


How do I get my Victorian motorcycle licence?

For those who already hold a motorcycle learner permit, it is highly recommended to complete the check ride, however it is not mandatory.  For those who obtain a motorcycle learner permit from 2nd April 2016, they must complete the mandatory check ride.  The check ride must be completed after the issue of a motorcycle learner permit (We recommend at least 2-3 months after) and at least 1 month prior to attempting the motorcycle licence assessment.

Note: You must hold a Victorian motorcycle learner permit for a minimum period of three consecutive calendar months before attempting the licence assessment. This three-month period refers to the period immediately before you apply for your licence, and this must be a continuous period, ie – not broken by a suspension or a break in continuity such as allowing your permit to expire before obtaining a new permit. If your learner permit expires, you must obtain a new one and hold it for a further three months.

You must successfully complete:

  1. A basic eyesight test
  2. A motorcycle riding skill assessment (MLA)
  3. If you do not hold a current Australian car licence, you must complete a hazard perception test (HPT) held at a VicRoads office.

If you only have a current Australian car learner permit, a VicRoads 1st licence fee will apply. This is in addition to the course fee. Check the VicRoads website for current fees. This fee is due whether or not your first licence is a car or motorcycle licence.

You MUST produce your current Victorian motorcycle learner permit and/or Victorian car licence for valid I.D. purposes on the day of your course. You will need to carry these on you whilst participating in the on road assessments. If you attend without valid I.D., or do not attend your scheduled course, you will have to re-book, and pay a re-booking fee.

We offer courses at Newborough only – book online or phone 0448 531 960 if having trouble. For an on-line map, please click the Contact link above.

Follow the link to the Vic Roads website for more information regarding this subject.


What is the motorcycle graduated licensing system?

Click here for more information on the M-GLS.

What happens if I have trouble learning the required skills?

If a participant is struggling to learn the skills in the time required, they may be asked to stop the course on safety grounds. We offer private tuition at $100 per hour, which allows the student to learn at their own pace, one-on-one with an instructor. It’s a great way to learn! We then re-book them onto the next suitable two day course AT NO CHARGE.

What can I do if I have a complaint or disagree with my assessment?

In the unlikely event that you have a grievance with your course outcome QMT has a fair and equitable grievance process to handle your concerns and review any issues you may raise.

How do I book?

Bookings for all training courses can be made at our Bookings tab online. Have your drivers licence handy when you call.

We accept Eftpos, paypal or credit card. Payment in full is required on booking prior to your course or assessment. You will receive a confirmation email on receipt of payments.

What if I want to cancel or postpone?

Fees paid may be transferred to an alternate course or held in credit provided at least five (5) full business days notice is received prior to the start date. “Business day” means Monday through Friday (excluding public holidays).

What do I bring to the course?

Bring your current Victorian car and motorbike licence and/or learner permit card.

If you do not have your own helmet conforming to the Australian Standard 1698, suitable eye protection and motorbike gloves designed for motorbike use, these will be supplied at no extra charge.

Wet weather gear should be brought if the days forecast indicates rain.

We ask you to wear the following sturdy protective clothing to our courses:Long sleeved shirt or jacket made of heavy material

Pants that cover leg length

Strong, low heeled, fully enclosed footwear (we recommend protective riding gear)

When you use your own motorcycle on the check ride or licence course, it will be inspected prior to being used on the course. It must be LAMS approved, roadworthy and have current registration. Click here for a list of LAMS approved motorcycles.

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