Licence Course

Under the M-GLS, in order to obtain a motorcycle licence you must complete both an off-road and on-road assessment.  The off-road training range assessment will assess your ability to ride through curves, change paths, brake and ride slowly. The on-road assessment will be used to assess your observation skills, speed management, road positioning, application of road rules, and motorcycle control.

On-road training and assessment will confirm that you have the necessary riding skills to control and manoeuvre a motorcycle safely in real traffic and on typical road conditions.

Courses go ahead regardless of the weather.


What You’ll Receive

Individual on-range training and on-road assessing

Use of a helmet, gloves, protective jacket, hi-vis vest (if required)

VicRoads licence variation fee.



A current Victorian motorcycle learner permit; having held it for a minimum of 3 consecutive months but no longer than 15 months. This must be brought with you on the day of the course.

A current check ride certificate of completion.

You MUST wear appropriate clothing including a long sleeve top, long pants, and fully enclosed shoes (either boots or runners) in order to have full skin cover. If you have your own motorcycle protective gear, you are encouraged to bring it with you to wear.

Wet weather gear should be brought if the days forecast indicates rain.

Your own registered LAMS approved motorcycle will help you feel more comfortable riding. If you don’t own a motorcycle, you can hire one for the assessment – please advise at time of booking.


Other Info

Upon successful completion of the course students will:

Possess critical skills in counter steering, emergency braking, cornering & throttle control

Be able to apply relevant theory to on-road riding

Possess advanced observation skills

Possess advanced hazard identification & avoidance skills

Be able to introduce risk minimisation principles when riding.



Motorcycle Licence:        $250

Motorcycle Hire:        $20/day

The licence variation fee of $30.30 is included in the course fee. Where a participant is required to be issued with a 3 Year first licence (21 Years & Over) or a 4 Year first licence (Under 21 Years), these fees are not covered in the course fee listed above. These additional fees are as follows;

3 Year first issue fee – $85.50

4 Year first licence fee Р$113.90

Upon successful completion of the licence assessment, participants will be issued a paper licence receipt, which is to be used as evidence of holding a valid Victorian motorcycle licence until VicRoads mail out a plastic consolidated car/motorcycle licence, which may take up to 3 weeks.