About Us

Quality Motorcycle Training (QMT) was formed as a result of DECA Training ceasing motorcycle training and assessment at the Newborough training facility, following the introduction of the new VicRoads motorcycle graduated licencing system (M-GLS) in April 2016. This opening provided the opportunity for the DECA trainers to continue providing motorcycle training in Gippsland, run by locals, for locals.

QMT is looking to establish itself as a leading provider of quality motorcycle training that is committed to teaching good riding skills and promoting good riding habits. The new M-GLS provides a framework to achieve these goals and with over 43 years of combined training experience, the team at QMT believe they can continue the good work started by DECA to provide new and old riders alike a professional service.

Our aim is to fill a training void that currently exists in the Gippsland region and to eventually expand out to other growth areas with the same high quality service. Utilisation of the Newborough training facility will continue a link with the area that has become known for quality training and a  high level of commitment to the riding community.